PLATO: Crito

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September 23, 2016 by fredrikcoulter

Crito is the immediate follow up to the Apology.  The trial is over, Socrates has been sentenced to die.  And Crito goes to him and tries to convince him to escape.  He’s pretty sure that he can get Socrates away from Athens, so he can continue to teach, etc.

If there’s a simple lesson for this work, it’s addressing the question of how strong are your convictions when the going goes bad.

For Socrates, if you don’t follow through on your statements and convictions, then they aren’t real.  He refuses to try to escape.  There’s a lesson here for modern politicians, who seem much more interested in gaining votes than keeping convictions.  But it’s quite possible that they don’t actually read Plato.

This work is available through Project Gutenberg.


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