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September 24, 2016 by fredrikcoulter

I need to make a confession.  The first few blog posts are what I’d call “catch-up” posts.  I started this blog after the first couple of readings in the Ten Year Plan.  This means that they’re really just quick notes I made a week or two (or three) after I read the works.  This means that you’re not going to get all those cool thoughts I had while reading the works.  You’ll survive.

Aristophanes is a comedic Greek writer, a contemporary of Socrates.  In fact, Socrates appears as a character in this play.  It’s a funny play, so it shouldn’t be surprising that Socrates is made fun of.

The moral of the play is to not try to cheat your business associates.  A very good moral.

In the play, a father, getting tired of his son’s laziness and spendthrift ways, decides that if the son is better educated, he’ll be able to make a legal argument that would result in the father being able to avoid having to repay his debts.  Needless to say, it doesn’t quite work out for the father.

I’m also very happy that I have daughters, not sons.  After all, sons are lazy and very quick to spend my money, while daughters are hard working and not so quick spending my money.  At least mine are.

This work is available through Project Gutenberg.


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